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In bed with Ussy Pratama

In bed with

The Story

Ussy Sulistiawaty Pratama aka Ussy Pratama is an acclaimed Indonesian Entertainer with over 15 million followers on Instagram and over two million subscribers on her YouTube channel, which is titled “In bed with Ussy”.

Ussy has composed her own master fragrance:

It is a woody, spicy oriental Eau de Parfum that opens with Sumatra Lampong pepper and Kerinci cinnamon. The heart note enchants with full-bodied Bulgarian roses, French violets and South African geranium. The dry-down with Javanese agarwood forest and Balinese amber spices has a long lasting effect.

She teamed up with award-winning beauty brand developers from Paris, Berlin and Madrid. To create the answer to the most exclusive niche fragrances from around the world, that specifically represents Indonesians.

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In bed with


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Travelsize 10 ml

In bed with

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Rp. 1.111 k

Anniversary PROMO Buy 2 get 1 extra for FREE + Legging + BONUS

»I myself wear only a few drops

of the perfume to bed.«

»I myself wear only a few drops of the perfume to bed.«

Ussy Pratama


Salah satu yang ditunggu tahun ini persembahan terbaru dari istri saya tercinta ussy sulistiawaty sebuah parfum unisex yang pas di pake buat cowo maupun cewe dan wangi nya PERFECT dijamin akan bikin pasangan kita semakin lengket karena wanginya yang begitu menggoda.
Andhika Pratama
I truly love this perfume from my heart as much as I love the beauty of Indonesia. The composition combines in a very sensual way the most luxurious bulgarian rose essences with finest and truly unique Javanese agarwood-oud and Balinese amber notes.
Frank Hoffmann
Fragrance Expert
Aromanya bikin saya ketagihan wanginya mahal banget, sama sekali ga nyangka mbak ussy seleranya luar biasa. Nagih wanginya!!!!
Winda Bounavich
Beauty Expert
This perfume is an amazing epiphany, so structured and yet dense. A staccato of tropical flowers, nordic mosses and oriental ambregis. Ussy – you managed to create a true masterpiece, that every modern woman in Indonesia must have – I correct myself .. that every modern woman or man – from around the world – will fall in love with!
Peter S.
Mega Niché Fragrance! A Perfume is like your Identity! The eyes you can close your Nose can't be. With an awesome Perfume like this one from USSY PRATAMA you are always welcome and get good vibes and people love you.

Jeremy Fragrance

Ussy Pratama

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1989 in stock